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The importance of reviews online for businesses

It is imperative to say that shoppers of today depend heavily on online reviews while...

It is imperative to say that shoppers of today depend heavily on online reviews while shopping for goods and services just like anybody else can recommend a conventional shop, a garage, a filling station and more to their friends. Most online reviews are genuine and reliable just like you can trust a friend who referred you to a certain store for goods or office for services.

Online reviews are important for the success of a business because almost 67 per cent of consumers are influenced by consumer online reviews. Most clients read online reviews about a product or service before deciding to buy. Reviews are important in today’s business world to the extent that many review companies are popping up to fill the gap, such as the TripAdvisor, Google+, Yelp and others. Many people use these sites to leave reviews for companies or to influence their decision to purchase items online. A research conducted by Moz revealed that many people, about 68 per cent admit that online reviews influenced their decisions to buy valuable items like appliances, cars or Smartphone. It also revealed that decision making on whether to buy or not was important to them.

Online reviews for your business are a milestone for your business that needs to be embraced because it projects the growth of your business to the next level by increasing sales revenue. Positive reviews specifically leverage the success of the business because they influence interested consumers into instant customers. Online reviews are trusted as much as personal recommendations are in the real business world. In as much as there are positive reviews, negative reviews don’t miss out. We must appreciate this fact and design ways of dealing and handling negative reviews for our online business because they stay forever. Businesses with the majority of positive reviews are more trusted than the ones without or with negative reviews.

How to deal with negative online reviews

If your business has negative online reviews, it risks losing about 22 per cent of potential customers only based on one negative review and if there are many of them, it might culminate to disaster because you will lose up to over 70 per cent of the potential online buyers. The effects of negative reviews on a business can be detrimental because it can lead a successful online business to the paths of self-destruction. This is the reason why your customers should be a priority to invest in. it is important to handle customers with a lot of care and concern to make sure they are satisfied after interaction with them. Remember that one irate customer who leaves a negative review on your online business can open a leeway for others to do the same without remorse at a single mess that could be amicably restored or settled. Top-notch customer services will do a great deal to bring customers too close again. Ensuring each customer leaves your store happier than they first entered will leave them happier leaving positive comments; it is easy for a customer to leave a negative review because of the anonymity in online businesses.

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