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Beginners Guide-Where to Find Gold Bars for Sale

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To succeed in the gold investment business there are a number of things to learn....

To succeed in the gold investment business there are a number of things to learn. Like every other type of investment, it takes knowledge and experience to make a good profit. One of the most vital information to have as a beginner is where to find gold bars for sale. If you were asking that question some decades ago, then the answer to your question would have been pretty straightforward. Today, technology has opened up several platforms for trading gold coins.

In fact, a good number of buyers now purchase from sellers online. This is mostly because they offer better pricing than regular brick and mortar stores. Local dealers charge a higher overhead than online sellers which drives their price up. Even with shipping costs, buying coins online is typically cheaper than buying offline.

  • Buying Gold coins for a local dealer

Buyers who like to buy from online dealers still need to consult local dealers especially to check the prices being offered online. Thanks to the internet, finding a local dealer is a lot easier now. You can simply search online for local coin dealers near your city. Banks in Europe and Asia also offer gold coins for sale and you can purchase it directly from them.

  • Buying Gold coin from Online Dealers

Buying online offers you the convenience of shopping from anywhere you are. That is in addition to the fact that you get slightly better pricing too. However, dealing with someone over the internet has its obvious risks. You will have to make payment along with your order and trust the dealer to deliver as promised. Thus it is imperative that you deal only with a well-known and well-established online dealer to avoid getting ripped off.  Be sure to check the prices of coins listed by your online dealer as well as other costs like shipping and insurance. Typically this should be less than what your local dealer is offering.

Other places to find gold coin dealers 

On TV: if you watch cable TV, you’ve probably come across an ad from gold dealers. However, TV ads are almost always too expensive to deal with and you might want to avoid them. They are also likely to set minimums which may be more than what you are interested in buying. Also, it isn’t uncommon for them to try to sell more to you than you are willing to buy or sell you numismatic coins.

eBay: buying from eBay is not recommended for beginners. Only expert investors who know how to find good deals and avoid scams should deal with sellers on eBay. Buying on eBay offers the advantage of being cheaper since shipping is free. It is also more convenient. However, the trust quotient is higher.

Coin shows: again, this is another means of buying gold bars that aren’t recommended for beginners. But expert dealers especially those interested in buying collectible coins can go to coin shows to purchase coins.

Banks: not every bank offers gold directly to retail customers. However, if you live in Asia or Europe you are more likely to be able to purchase gold from your local bank. You can call your bank to inquire about this or simply check on the bank website.

Important tips to keep in mind when buying gold coins 

  • Always compare prices offered by multiple dealers.
  • Confirm if your dealer allows you to pay through various forms especially if you are interested in purchasing more coins in the near future
  • Be sure to check the total cost including any commissions charged, insurance or shipping cost
  • It is advisable that you only buy from known and reputable dealers
  • Avoid dealers that are trying too hard to push a deal on you
  • Dealers that try to educate you are good. Some dealers offer marketing materials after you make a purchase from them.
  • Find out the dealer’s return policy in case you receive the wrong product. This is particularly important for online purchases.

Visit https://www.thebalance.com/guide-to-investing-in-gold-coins-357974 to learn more about how to invest in various types of gold coins.


The need to buy only from trusted and reputable gold dealers cannot be overemphasized. If you are new in the business, try to patiently learn the ropes before jumping into deals as this will save you a lot of trouble. Check a company’s reputation severally before committing to any deal to avoid being ripped off.

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